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Embedded, RTOS, Python, C++, C#, and more

We can train your staff in a number of topics including the Renesas Synergy Platform, Agile and Iterative Methodologies, Software Development,  and more.  If you find that your staff could use just a bit of an edge over the competition, training is the best way to help them get it.  Contact us today to find out what Endeavor can do for you.

From Requirements Analysis to Design and Development, Agency Testing, all the way through to Manufacturing and Support, we have the experience, skills, and connections to make sure your products get designed the way you envisioned, at the cost you intended.


We can help to make your team better through training.


Digital, Analog, and Power


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We have engineers skilled in the arts of embedded hardware and firmware, power supplies, battery technology, analog, digital, mechanical, industrial design, and more.  Our in-house and extended network of engineers are sure to have the experience you need to design your product from scratch, or to salvage a project in trouble.  Give us a call to find out how we can help 

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Robust Enclosures, Industrial Design, Sheet Metal, and Plastic